Vol 8, No 3 (2013)

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Table of Contents


Seasonal Mean Variability of Coral-based Sea Surface Salinity from Simeulue, Mentawai, Bunaken, and Bali PDF
Sri Yudawati Cahyarini 119-125
Extensional Tectonic Regime of Garut Basin based on Magnetotelluric Analysis PDF
Lina Handayani, Kamtono Kamtono, D. D. Wardhana 127-133
Directed Volcanic Blast as a Tragedy of October 26Th, 2010 at Merapi Volcano, Central Java PDF
Igan S. Sutawidjaja 135-141
Paleogene Sediment Character of Mountain Front Central Sumatra Basin PDF
P. A. Suandhi, M. Rozalli, W. Utomo, A. Budiman, A. Bachtiar 143-149
Potential Development of Hydrocarbon in Basement Reservoirs In Indonesia PDF
D. Sunarjanto, S. Widjaja 151-161

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