Vol 5, No 3 (2018)

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Table of Contents


The Selection of Groundwater Recharge Sites in the Arid Region of Northern Badia, Jordan, using GIS-Based Multicriteria Decision Analysis PDF
Abdel Rahman Al-Shabeeb 199-209
Biomarker Composition of Some Oil Seeps from West Sulawesi, Indonesia PDF
Yarra Sutadiwiria, Ahmad Helman Hamdani, Yoga Andriana Sendjaja, Iyan Haryanto, Yeftamikha Yeftamikha 211-220
The Magnetostratigraphy and the Age of So’a Basin Fossil-Bearing Sequence, Flores, Indonesia PDF
Dida Yurnaldi, Ruly Setiawan, Emma Yan Patriani 221-234
Tectonic Control on the Formation of Cleats in the Coal Beds of the Sajau Formation, Berau Basin, Northeast Kalimantan PDF
Adjat Sudradjat, Ahmad Helman Hamdani 235-250
Determination of Hydrocarbon Zones Using Logging Data Analysis in A Sandstone Reservoir (Case Study: Structure ‘TL’ Basin North West Java) PDF
Herianto Herianto 251-263
Groundwater Occurrence Prediction using Regressions on Morphometric Variables in Upstream Progo Watershed, Yogyakarta PDF
T. Listyani, Budiadi Budiadi 265-276
Element Mobilization During Weathering Process of Ultramafic Complex in North Konawe Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Based on A Profile from Asera PDF
Ronaldo Irzon, Baharuddin Abdullah 277-290

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